How to ride safely Inmotion’s electric unicycles

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Electric unicycles are extraordinary green micro-mobility devices that can absolutely transform your everyday transportation in the city and elsewhere. E-Wheels are not only extremely useful but also very fun to use, riders feel like they are visiting a ski resort everyday they use their Inmotion electric scooters.

Inmotion is the top brand when it comes to the electric unicycles world, we achieved this by designing and producing reliable, high qualtity, well designed products at the edge of technological advancement.

The first rule to enjoy your everyday’s ride with an Inmotion electric-unicycle is … to ride safely. This article will introduce you to the basics of safey usage on Inmotion electric unicycles.

1. Wear a helmet

It sounds like something trivial to say, but wearing a helmet is absolutely capital to ensure your safety when it comes to riding e-wheels.

Everything can happen and when something happens, it is usually something unexpected.

A helmet will protect the most precious part of your body, which is your head.

A good helmet for riding Inmotion electric unicycles should be shock resistant, lightweight and should cover everything up to your jaw.

Ski helmets are our favorite. And yea…why not…riding an e-wheel is like going to ski !

2. Accelerate gradually

In general, we recommend to our customers to choose an electric unicycle with a nominal motor power of no less than 800W.

Indeed, the motor power of an e-wheel along with its overall construction quality is of primordial importance for the safety of the order, because the vehicle is electronically stabilized. Over-powering your Inmotion should never happen and thus the below advices.

When riding an Inmotion electric scooter, accelerate slowly and gradually in order to avoid any risk of power cut. Do not try to make extremely strong accelerations by strongly leaning forward.

The rider should never lean forward in a such a fashion that the electric unicycle is not able to follow.

3. Avoid riding at max speed.

4. Pay attention to obstacles on the road.

5. You need to check the tire pressure on a regular basis.

6. Avoid riding on slippery surfaces.

7. Drive slowly when your battery level is below 30%.

2 thoughts on “How to ride safely Inmotion’s electric unicycles

  1. Itís hard to find experienced people about this topic, but you seem like you know what youíre talking about! Thanks

  2. Laurent says:

    Bonjour, j’aimerai savoir ce qui arrive au “pilote” en cas de défaut technique (carte mère, fusible qui saute, problème électrique, etc.). Ma roue a déjà + de 4500 km…Je ne sais pas ce qui peut arriver exactement en cas de soucis, mais circulant sur la route, j’ai de moins en moins confiance. Qu’en est-il exactement (à part un effet “tilt-back” d’enfer et une chute arrière…) Merci de m’éclairer…(à défaut de peut-être me rassurer)

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