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Max Speed25km/h* | 38km/h**
Motor PowerDual motor 450W (min) | 750W (max)
Climbing Angle35%
Battery42V | 533Wh
MileageUp to 55km
Charging Time7h
BrakingEBS (dual braking system)
Front : Drum brake
Rear : Electronic
Net Weight20.8kg
Tire10" Front & Rear pneumatic tires
Fast Repair Design
Dimensions117 x 51 x 120cm
Water Resistance IP RatingIP56
Mobile AppiOS/Android
Warranty2 years (1 year battery)


The InMotion Climber electric scooter is a game-changer in the world of urban micro-mobility. Designed to stay compact and respect the original spirit of the electric scooter format while being able to tackle challenging terrains and conquering steep inclines.

This powerful e-scooter also combines impressive performance with exceptional durability. Equipped with robust motors and rugged tires, the InMotion Climber effortlessly navigates hills and uneven surfaces, providing riders with an exhilarating and reliable experience.

With its sleek design and advanced features, the Climber is a must-have for adventure enthusiasts and urban explorers seeking a thrilling ride that knows no bounds.

Bonus : Inmotion’s electric scooters are reliable, water resistant, technological, efficient, well equipped and connected (iOS and Android mobile applications).

Inmotion Climber, ultra compact dual motors escooter

The InMotion Climber electric scooter stands as an embodiment of intelligence and versatility, seamlessly adapting to both city streets and countryside trails. Despite its compact size, this scooter is a force to be reckoned with, boasting 10″ tires and a dual-motor system. With a top speed of 38 km/h** and a swift acceleration from 0 to 25 km/h in just 3.5 seconds, the Climber showcases its small yet powerful nature.

Designed for year-round exploration, the InMotion Climber prioritizes resilience against the elements. Its impressive splash and water resistance, with an IPX6 body rating and IPX7 battery rating, ensure worry-free riding in any weather condition. This level of durability offers riders unparalleled peace of mind.

Maintenance becomes a breeze with the InMotion Climber, especially when it comes to tire care. Featuring innovative “split-rim” technology, tire repair can be effortlessly conducted at home with basic tools in a mere 10 minutes. Coupled with the 10-inch tires and extra-thick inner tubes, this scooter guarantees enhanced grip, increased durability, and superior comfort throughout your rides.

Safety remains paramount in the InMotion Climber’s design. Equipped with a smart braking system, a single lever controls both the electric brakes on the front and rear wheels, as well as the disc brake on the rear wheel. This comprehensive braking mechanism ensures optimal control and rider safety.

A standout feature of the Climber is its exceptional hill-climbing capability, conquering slopes of up to 36%. As the best hills climber within its lightweight electric scooter category, it effortlessly navigates challenging terrains, making it a top choice for those seeking adventure and versatility.

With its advanced specifications, the InMotion Climber offers a swift, convenient, and secure mode of transportation for various terrains and weather conditions. Experience the thrill of speed, the ease of daily commuting, and the confidence of a safe ride with the remarkable InMotion Climber electric scooter.

Inmotion Climber 2
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Performance of the Inmotion Climber

Introducing the InMotion Climber electric scooter, a trailblazer in the world of InMotion scooters with its remarkable dual motor system. Setting a new standard, each motor boasts a peak power of 750W, resulting in an impressive total peak power of 1,500W. This extraordinary performance is packed into a compact and lightweight machine, making the Climber a true powerhouse. With this exceptional motor power, the Climber fearlessly conquers slopes of up to 36%, defying limitations and opening up a world of possibilities.

Enhancing its reliability and longevity, the Climber is equipped with an intelligent battery management system (BMS). Constantly monitoring the condition of each battery cell, the BMS optimizes available capacity, ensuring a consistent and efficient power supply. Additionally, the battery features a cells equalizer that performs a balancing function during both the charging and discharging processes, further enhancing the overall lifespan of each cell.

Crafted with aircraft-grade aluminum, the Climber exhibits unparalleled strength and durability. Its robust construction allows for a maximum load capacity of 130 kg, accommodating a wide range of riders. With its sturdy build and exceptional performance, the InMotion Climber stands as a reliable and formidable electric scooter, capable of seamlessly adapting to diverse terrains, challenging conditions, and effortlessly carrying heavy loads.

Experience the power, durability, and adaptability of the InMotion Climber electric scooter—a true companion for all your adventures and journeys.

Points forts de la Inmotion Climber


Climber is designed to handle whatever life throws its way, with IPX6 rated splash and water resistance, you’re free to explore and adventure.


With aircraft grade aluminum, Climber is extremely strong and durable, offering a maximum load capacity of about 130 kg, which is usually enough to carry most of us.


Equipped with a powerful braking system with electric braking on both motors and disc braking on the rear tire, the Climber knows how to stop. All of these brakes can be operated via a single lever.

Powerful Headlight

The headlight of the Inmotion Climber is powerful and has a reach of light sufficient to ride safely at night. Being visible is important because the rider is very vulnerable on the road.

ipx6 climber
solide poids climber
freinage climber
flash climber
Durable Tires

Climber is equipped with 10-inch tires with an extra-thick inner tube to help reduce the risk of punctures and improve comfort, durability and adherence.

High Torque

Equipped with two 750W motors, producing an astonishing total power output of up to 1,500W. The Inmotion Climber can easily tackle 36% slopes and this in all types of terrains.

Smart BMS

One of the major upgrades to the Inmotion Climber. The Smart BMS (Battery Management System) which uses advanced algorithms to optimize the battery usage and its long term charging cycles.


Thanks to the modular design and the “split-rim” technology, the tire change can be done very easily. Enjoy the pleasant maintenance experience in your garage in 10 minutes.

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pente climber
batterie climber
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    Compact but rides smooth. For the price it’s definitely worth it !

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